18 years before the establishment of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board


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In 1980, it was not easy to see that our small startup, Behavior Management Consultants, would foreshadow what is commonly accepted today as the professional practice of Applied Behavior Analysis. Founders Jon Bailey, PhD and Maxin Reiss, PhD started when they were contracted to provide active treatment in residential and work training settings for individuals with developmental and other disabilities. As a result, their Behavioral Systems approach made life calmer and more productive for residents and staff alike.

Many people played important roles in the beginning of this process, including Martin Ivancic, Mary Riordan, Duke Schell, Al Murphy, Tony Gelabert, Phil Adams, to name a few.

Staff Photo – Circa 1983

In the mid 80’s Ray King from Leon County Schools (Tallahassee, Florida) approached Dr. Reiss with a very specific request for one student. The child’s needs were met and BMC’s consulting work with public schools was solidified.

Now, BMC consultants provide thousands of consulting hours each year to public, private and charter schools throughout more than 15 school districts in North Florida and Southern Georgia. Whether working with individual students to better meet their academic and behavioral goals, or whole classrooms or schools serving children with challenging behaviors, BMC has demonstrated that Behavior Analysts are needed and effective in school settings.

It’s really a very large list of BMC consultants past and present that have grown our school consultation division but some of the staff in the earliest years included Phil Adams, Ken Bauman, JoAnne Bauman, Maria Lynn Kessler, Connie Taylor and Steve Taylor.

Staff Photo – Circa 2008

By the 1990’s BMC was working with typically developing children, adults with developmental disabilities, and an increasing number of children with Autism and, of course, their parents and caregivers.

Behavior Analysis has come a long way and BMC has been on the forefront of this movement for over three decades. Our doctoral level clinical directors and consultants make certain our clinical services are provided in a professional, effective and caring manner. Together, they represent more than 75 years of work experience with BMC.

After all these years, we remain excited about our future and the prospect of solving real and challenging behavior problems, making life better for those we serve.