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Improving Communication, Social Skills, Living and Learning

We will build a team for your family and want you involved every step of the way. Behavioral services from our experienced therapists and Master’s level Behavior Analysts are supervised by our PhD level experts.

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Difficult Behavioral Events at School?

We provide thorough behavioral and skills assessment, selection of evidenced based intervention that is both powerful and feasible, and frequent monitoring and support for the student and teacher.

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Helping make your home a more peaceful place to live

For children with challenging behaviors and those with more significant behavioral difficulties, BMC has the experience and expertise to make a difference in your family’s life.[/do_service_box][do_service_box icon=”icon-briefcase” title=”Workshops & Training” hover_color=”#dd3333″]

Leave our workshops with a set of skills, not slides

BMC delivers high quality training experiences for teachers, school administration, parents, residential staff, behavior analysts, and other professionals. Simply stated, our workshops are different: engaging, interactive, and informative.


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We currently provide daily home and school behavior consultation, developmental disability and autism intervention across numerous locations in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

  • School Consultation
  • Disability, Autism & Early Intervention
  • Home Behavior Consultation


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[do_page_alt_title title=”BMC IN NETWORK PROVIDERS” subtitle=”For children with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (299.00 or 299.80 diagnosis)”]
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We currently accept or have had single case agreements with the above insurance providers. If your provider is listed, please research the documents and information necessary to file for your services. If your insurance company is not listed, please contact us to see if we can partner with them to provide services for your child.

[do_page_alt_title title=”BMC SINGLE CASE AGREEMENTS” subtitle=”If your insurance company is not listed, please contact us to see if we can partner with them to provide services for your child.”]


This may be an important distinction for you as your out-of-pocket costs can be, but is not always, affected by this distinction. Since there are not many in-network providers of ABA services, insurance companies have to write single case agreements and as a result, the care is considered to be in-network in most cases.